Business Tips 101: Remove Your Limiting Beliefs

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Recently I finished up an education tour in Asia where I lectured to over 80 personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. In both cities one of questions I was asked was how to set yourself apart from the pack in business and attract the right clientele for your service.

In particular for personal trainers one of the biggest fears is losing clients due to being to strict with their rules and regulations for their clients, both from a length of term standpoint but also with their day to day nutrition and training guidance.

Group shot from a recent class I taught in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia...

Group shot from a recent class I taught in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…

In one of the cities I had a student adamant that if they were to try and impose certain dietary or training recommendations with their clientele they would lose business. Now whilst certain recommendations might realistically be outside the realm of many people for many they are not.

Case in point, a few years ago one of my former personal trainers was coaching one of Australia’s largest banks CEO. Now this trainer had this client following nutritional guidelines i.e; not specific, just recommendations due to the fact he felt with that clients job he would not be able to adhere to the plan.

After a few years with the company this trainer moved on so I passed the client on to another one of our personal trainers, who proceeded to put this very same client on a calorie and macro specific plan and in fact that very same extremely busy client actually preferred it, both mentally but also physically with the results that he saw.

So what was the difference? Well the first personal trainer believed that due to the fact that his client was a corporate executive in control of a multi billion dollar business that he would not be able to fit such a detailed approach into this schedule. The second personal trainer however did not believe in vague, for him to provide true value to the client he needed the client to adhere to his belief system which was to provide an extremely high level of detail to ensure the client got results.

Not following through on what you believe to be true as a personal trainer is not only going to sell your clients short but also yourself, as your client results will not only limit their progression long term but ultimately potentially hurt your client retention and business reputation. I am big believer in like attracts like, so what you or your company puts out there you will attract back, both in terms of clients and the team you build around you.

The most successful business people never compromise on what their vision or beliefs when it comes to the service or product they provide and as a personal trainer wanting to build a successful business your mindset should be no different!

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