Business Tips 101: Are You A Personal Trainer Or A Health Coach?

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One of the most common questions I get asked from personal trainers, gym owners and people within the fitness industry is where do I see personal training five years from now. It is a good question and one that if you want to stay ahead of the times and achieve business success you should already be asking yourself too!

Now if someone had said to me in 2006 that by 2016 I had educated 1000’s of personal trainers in over a dozen countries globally I would have thought they were joking. Back in 2006 the only people in the fitness industry whom were doing such things were Charles Poliquin and Paul Chek, both of whom pioneered the concept of the performance coach or specialist personal trainer. Fast forward 10 years later and this area of development within the fitness industry has exploded… Personal trainers around the world are reinvesting large sums of money into becoming better at their craft.

That combined with a global movement within the greater population towards their health and fitness has resulted in a paradigm shift in the fitness industry where we have personal trainers pushing their knowledge base across areas that 10 and definitely 15 years ago were not even part of the scope of practice or skills required to be a stand out personal trainer. We now have personal trainers educating themselves in manual therapies, nutrition, functional medicine, athletic performance, life coaching and much more, which has at the top of the industry resulted in a new job title. The industry elite are no longer personal trainers, they are Health Coaches.

Coaching a group of students with my good friend and industry colleague Sebastian Oreb in 2014...

Coaching a group of students with my good friend and industry colleague Sebastian Oreb in 2014…

I saw this as far back as 2010, when I founded the Clean Health Fitness Institute which today is widely regarded as Australia’s leading RTO and Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness provider for people wanting to become personal trainers, or those within the fitness industry who wish to continue their ongoing education through our Performance PT Coach and Performance Nutrition Coach certification programs.

So what exactly is a health coach? Well firstly you need to look at what the word health actually encompasses. In my opinion health is a broad term that can include but is not limited to the following:

  • Physical fitness and internal health (Lifestyle and nutrition)
  • Physical strength and longevity in life (Strength training etc)
  • Mental fitness (Mental performance and ability to deal with stress)

Currently, through the Clean Health Fitness Institute is in the process of developing a diploma in health coaching which will be fully recognised through the Australian Qualifications & Standards Authority (ASQA) and is designed to teach people all areas of health and fitness so that a truly life lasting and positive change can be created through the clients that this new breed of fitness professional comes in contact with. Check out the video below which gives a break down on how the Clean Health Fitness Institute can help develop you as a health coach!

Now why is this important? Simply put the days of counting reps are over, in such a competitive market place the general consumer wants more than a boot camp instructor to help them along their health and fitness journey. People are willing to invest large amounts of capital which has lead to the rise of the boutique fitness business by those within the industry whom are already much more than just a personal trainer. In Australia many of these are my colleagues that I have worked with or mentored or either studied with over the years. These include and are not limited to people such as:

  1. Marty Williams & Kelly Martinovich from the Shredded Strength Institute in Perth
  2. Kristy & Adam Glossop from Tuff Team in Perth
  3. Corey Baldock from the Apex Performance Institute in Tasmania
  4. David O’Brien from 5EW in Melbourne
  5. Dane Hutchinson from the Physique Performance Centre on the Gold Coast
  6. Amanda Brown from The Queen of Lean in Melbourne
  7. Daymon Hayhow from Recomp HQ in Melbourne
  8. Sebastian Oreb from Base Gym in Sydney

So in summary if you a personal trainer wanting to take your career and business to new heights in the coming years reinvest back into yourself and learn more than just about training your clients, those that do will separate themselves from the pack, those that don’t will in my opinion over time die a slow and mediocre death!

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