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Setting Your Business Up Right for Gym Owners

Dear reader, The topic of business set-ups and structures is an often misunderstood and under-rated part of any business owners journey when it comes to not only helping ensure your businesses success, but protecting it from potential liabilities that may arise along the way. Having set up numerous...


Business Tips 101: Remove Your Limiting Beliefs

Recently I finished up an education tour in Asia where I lectured to over 80 personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. In both cities one of questions I was asked was how to set yourself apart from the pack in business and attract the right clientele for your service....


Top 3 things I learned at Tony Robbins UPW event

Tony Robbins is a name many of us know as the world’s foremost life and business coach along with being an entrepreneur and best selling author. For decades I had known of him, seen his books, infomercials and seminars and thought although they seemed very entertaining they were not for me. After al...


The Rules Of Time Management For Founders & CEOs

As a founder or CEO you are going to have a lot of work and responsibility on your plate depending on what stage of your business you are in. I remember back in 2011 I brought on my first full time employee and the feeling I had of being able to delegate some of the boring tasks that as a founder yo...