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Hey readers,

Flashback to November 2015 when the Sydney Sunday Daily Telegraph did an article on online personal training and those here in the fitness industry in Australia making a mark in this space. Although they got the figures and facts way off ($9 per week?!?) nonetheless it was still good to get a plug in this mainstream publication as a way of getting results based personal training out to the masses and my own branding.

For health professionals trying to increase their market value and establish themselves as an expert local media is always a great way of doing that, especially when you are mentioned in the same sentence with celebrity personal trainers such as Michelle Bridges and Commando Steve. So how do you get media to reach out to you?

Focus on getting results and learning from those whom are at the top of the game, every body can benefit from a good mentor whom has done what you want to do. I wouldn’t be where I was today if it were not for the guidance of those people whom I have called mentors over my life, this is a big reason why I have created by business mastermind program, so that I can mentor health professionals on how they can build their dream business doing what they are passionate about.

Apart from that if you want to go down the online personal training route, you need to ensure your systems are refined enough so that you can deliver a quality service without spending 80 hours per week 365 days per year doing it. But that is the content of another article, for now to read the full article from the Sunday Telegraph click the picture below!



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