Business Mastermind Program

As the founder of numerous companies’, including the Clean Health Fitness Institute, Daine has grown multiple multi million dollar businesses over the years and helped business owners from around the world live out their passion and make a profitable income from the health and fitness industries.


With Daine you will be coached from someone who has done it across multiple revenue streams including gyms, educational providers and online software to name a few. He is passionate about his business mastermind program members and getting them results with their business, allowing them to live out their dream of making a life long living out of the health and fitness industry.


The business mastermind program is held annually, with the inaugural intake commencing in August 2016. This intake will be capped to 12 business owners from around the world only. Over the course of the 12 months the mastermind will be delivered through the following mediums:

  1. Quarterly workshops where the group comes together. At each quarter we get together with another industry leading health professional in either fitness, nutrition or business whom will guest present to the group
  2. Live webinars with the entire group
  3. Email both one on one and group
  4. Phone one on one

What will you cover over the 12 months? Well everything you need now and in the future to make your business dreams a reality! Some of what you will cover will include:

  1. Initial business audit, SWOT analysis and goal setting.
  2. Business legal structure, company, sole trader etc. What is more suitable for you and what limits your liability? You will look at pros and cons and usefulness for your business in the following areas to ensure maximum asset protection
  3. Tax implications, how to ensure you optimize your business to maximize annual net profit
  4. Financial education and accountability (Understanding your P & L, What is your break even, What you can and can not adjust to effect your P & Letc.)
  5. Business branding and the importance of getting it right. We will look at the full spectrum of marketing, sales, lead generation, social media platforms, Google analytics, Alexa and more
  6. Internal business systems optimization, including staffing your business and the best legal structures, services set up, what are you selling and how are you selling it, setting up job descriptions and KPI’s for the relevant components of your business, performance management and leadership strategies and much more!
  7. Business ‘X’ factor components such as culture, who you are, market placement etc.
  8. Alternative revenue streams, what you can do and how to do it.

All of this is covered and much more as we work weekly on your business to ensure it reaches it’s full potential!


To review testimonials from clients on Daine’s business development success please click this link. For expressions of interest, please click here and complete the contact form if you are interested in taking your financial freedom and business to the next level!