Amanda Brown Result
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I can’t recommend him enough if your goal is to get strong but also build a physique…

Client: Amanda Brown
Sport: IPF Raw Powerlifting, 57kg class
Service: Online Personal Training
Result: Australian national record deadlift and personal best numbers in all lifts

“I have been working with Daine online to coach and support me as an International Powerlifting Federation athlete in the 57kg class. Daine’s amazing programming lead me to break an Australian Deadlifting record of 167.5kg at 57kg body weight, which to date has been a major highlights of my career. His understanding around programming, nutrition and when to push or when to deload has given me so much knowledge to excel in my own sport and to coach others. I can’t recommend him enough if your goal is to get strong but also build a physique, I haven’t been as lean or carried this much muscle since I competed in figure years ago all whilst eating 2500 calories per day and feeling great!”