Alexandra Large Results
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He didn’t just push me to my limits he pushed me passed them

Client: Alexandra Large
Sport: IFBB Bikini Athlete
Service: Personal Training
Result: Competed in her first completion and dropped over 12% body fat

“I first met Daine about 2 years ago, when he did my first BioPrint. I was the typical cardio bunny who thought I was healthy, eating muesli, yoghurt and juice for breakfast etc. Daine gave me some nutrition and training advise and I have to admit I walked out of our meeting thinking he was crazy ‘eat meat and nuts for breakfast???’ however I was very intrigued and wondered if there was any truth in what he was telling me. I went away and decided I would do some research, I signed up to the Clean Health newsletter and Facebook page. Through this I was introduced to Charles Poliquin, the BioPrint modulation, and the world of competitive bodybuilding. From the before and after pictures and testimonials on the website it was obvious that Daine and his trainers at Clean Health knew what they were doing. From that moment on, health, fitness and bodybuilding became an obsession.


In late 2012 when I decided I wanted to get up on stage and compete in a bikini model competition I knew exactly where I needed to go. I emailed Daine and arranged my initial consultation with him. It’s obvious when you sit down and speak with Daine that he really knows his stuff, his knowledge on hormones and biochemistry is more than most doctors. My goal wasn’t only to get up on stage, I wanted the process and preparation to be a healthy and enjoyable one, I had read numerous horror stories of girls being on horrendous low calorie diets and causing major metabolic damage. Daine assured me this would not be the case and he was right I enjoyed every minute of my 24 weeks of training with him. He didn’t just push me to my limits he pushed me passed them, I learned what I and my body was capable of and I achieved fitness goals I never thought possible.


I would encourage anyone looking to compete, lose body fat, transform their body and feel the best you ever have to contact Daine if you are serious about results!”