Top 3 things I learned at Tony Robbins UPW event

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Tony Robbins is a name many of us know as the world’s foremost life and business coach along with being an entrepreneur and best selling author. For decades I had known of him, seen his books, infomercials and seminars and thought although they seemed very entertaining they were not for me.

After all, I am not the kind of guy that just goes up to random strangers and hugs them or breaks down into a dance and song at a moment’s notice!

It wasn’t until I was flicking through Netflix a few months back and came across his new documentary titled ‘I am not your guru’ that I saw real value in what he offers society through his work. So on that fateful evening as I had exhausted most of the other programs I wanted to watch on Netflix, my partner and I decided to give this film a 10-minute trial. If after 10 minutes we didn’t like it we would turn it off however 10 minutes later and surprisingly I was hooked but why?

Simply put I watched him with person after person non-scripted and raw; bring about massive emotional and psychological shifts in the state of these people he was working with. Having for many years passing his work off as ‘Good marketing’ I had to admit that from my observations he was actually the real deal.

So post movie I decided to hop onto his personal website and look more into his work. Upon doing so I saw that he was coming out to Sydney for a four day event titled ‘Unleash The Power Within’ where he was going to go through everything from overcoming your inner fears, how to improve your mental performance, discovering what it is you exactly want in life, why you hold certain beliefs and how they could be limiting you in every aspect of your life and much more.


Now not being one to shy away from self-development I thought why not let me go and experience what this guy is all about and see if I can bring about some positive change to myself. So what was the result after attending this seminar?

Simply put I consider Tony to be one of the most impressive and genuine human beings I have ever met. Historically I have not been the type of person to warm to people I have never met, however in this case much of what he said resonated with me at a profound level. As a man and especially an alpha male who comes from a family of alpha men, we are taught either deliberately or not, to not confront our emotions and delve into why we are the way we are as that is soft and feminine.

The reality is it doesn’t matter how smart you are in your chosen field or how much charisma you have if you are unable to master your mind you will not achieve your full potential in business but in life as well. Further to this in many cases these in built patterns can have devastating consequences for your loved ones.

So with that in mind here are the top three things that I learned from this seminar that if you apply them I have no doubt your success in business and life will continue to soar!

  1. Target an area and master it

Tony likes to use the word ‘mastery’ a lot. If you look at his branding it is used across multiple elements of it, however behind that it has true purpose.

One of the biggest areas I find entrepreneurs whom are building a business or employees whom are working within an area of a business fail to do is truly become a master at their craft. One of the industries where people fail to master their niche is the fitness industry where you have a saturation of gyms with no real distinct difference in the type of clientele they are targeting and what type of service they are offering.

One of the things that Tony has done to build his billion-dollar group of businesses is via a mantra of being mentored from those ahead of him in an area that are outstanding at what they do. There are four key areas you must remember if you want to become a master at anything:

  1. Identify what you are passionate about and skilled at doing
  2. Model someone successful in that area whom is outstanding not just good
  3. The art of immersion
  4. Spaced repetition with a coach or mentor

To identify your niche you first need to look at what you are passionate about. It is as simple as that, if you are passionate about something no doubt it is going to be a bit of a mission of yours to help others through whatever area it might be. This will generally shine through in the quality of your service and product and subsequently you are more likely than not, going to develop a sound reputation in this field through following your passion rather than chasing a career based of how much you can earn.

On the topic of modeling somebody successful, let’s just say you are a young lawyer who wants to build his own legal firm, to shorten that process learning from somebody whom has already done it and being mentored by them is going to expedite that process for you tremendously.

Yes it might cost you time and money now however in the long run it is going to save you both of those things and get you too your end goal sooner rather than later. This is one of the reasons I developed my fitness business mastermind program for fitness professionals who want to cut years out of getting their business into a profitable state and to be financially rewarded for their passion with health.

Apart from being mentored by someone whom you would aspire to be like, when you do learn you want to do it in a way where you are totally immersed in that experience. For example let’s just say you wanted to learn the ins and outs of marketing and you signed up to a course, which was 1 hour per week for 24 weeks. That would be a total of 24 hours over that period of time.

Conversely if you did a 2-day course with 12-hour days you would capture that amount of learning in a rapid period of time and in a completely focused and energized state, literally living and breathing marketing.

After doing Tony’s seminar I completely agree that if you really want to become a master in any field you need to throw yourself in the deep end with limited experience and then learn how to swim or sink instead. To become a master at anything you need to be able to overcome failure so learning in an all or nothing manner can be a great way to have a breakthrough and really grasp the concepts of whatever it is you are trying to learn.

Lastly when it comes to spaced repetition with a mentor, after you have immersed yourself in that area you want to continuously revisit it and evolve your understanding and skills. For example you might go and do a workshop on business development and thereafter that invest into a monthly program that keeps you accountable in that same area with a coach ensuring you better retain what you learned.

  1. The Pyramid Of Mastery

Tony teaches that to live an extraordinary life you need to commit yourself completely into focusing on constant improvement in several key areas as seen in the table below.


Now here is an exercise for you, rate on a scale of 1-10, 1 being poor and 10 being outstanding your status in the above areas. Be completely honest with yourself when doing it. Generally speaking those areas that are the highest are what you intrinsically place more value on in life.

Doing this exercise myself my highest ranking was my career and mission whereas my lowest ranking was my sense of celebration and spirituality, which upon reflection made me realize that I was not truly happy like I thought I was.

We live in a society today where too much emphasis is placed on the value of money, which I have been guilty of for many years, thinking that my success in business was a reflection on my value to the world. The reality is that tunnel vision contributed to a failed marriage and a tornado of turmoil through my personal relationships over the years and as a father raising a young daughter and stepsons, long term this could also have effected them negatively as well.

Fortunately I have an amazing woman as my partner whom is more evolved than I in this area and emotionally, so my current relationship has balanced out but only because she has gone through experiences that have seen her place a greater value on less materialistic things in life than I.

One thing that I like about Tony is that he focuses on all seven areas so that you can obtain a truly unique life experience, coming from a fitness background the emphasis on making your physical body the foundation resonates with me as it is a belief that I have had ingrained into me from day one with my family. Pity I wasn’t taught the value of emotions and relationships!

In closing use this tool to identify your weaknesses and then take action and start changing them, I personally have done this and within 24 hours of learning this I have noticed a far greater appreciation for life in general and that I am no longer being stressed by things that just last week would cause me to act detrimentally to myself and loved ones.

This shift in my values has also seen an improvement in business having some big deals come my way just in the few days since the course, you get back what you put out!

  1. Your belief system controls all of your day to day actions in life

The final area that I took immense value away from was understanding the concept, that your belief system controls all of your day-to-day actions in life. Tony uses a method called the Dickens process. In short think of this process as identifying what negative consequences your existing beliefs have and at the very worse case scenario the impact they could have on your life or those around you.

Now this is important in every aspect of life because if you value certain things it is going to influence your beliefs. For example if you place value on finances, your beliefs are going to be centered on that. E.g. if you are not successful in business you are a failure in life or if you are successful in business it means you are a success in every aspect of your life.

To put this in perspective I will use myself as an example. My upbringing was one where success wasn’t just encouraged it was expected. To get that success you had to work hard at it, 24/7 and every day of the year. Anything less than being the best at anything I did was considered failure, after all nobody remembers second place right?

This value that was given to me from my father formed my belief system from an early age. Now the consequences of such a hard and militaristic style upbringing were for me, to see it as a challenge and something I could better myself from.

Now whilst that belief system has served me well in terms of work ethic and business career, it has served as a worth assessment for me without even knowing it. The more successful I was in business the more successful I was in life… This was my thought pattern. Yes I loved my family and wanted that comfortable life with them, but I realized the ‘Doing it for them’ was actually just a lie, I was in fact doing it for my own belief’s and ego.

Most men place value on the size of their bank accounts and the size of a certain part of the body… Being so career driven I certainly translated high net worth to a successful person. So when I went through some business hardship a year ago and lost close to a million dollars it got to me, I didn’t see it as a learning experience or something to grow from at the time as I had never failed or lost out in my career. That thought process had never even entered my head. So how did I react?

Outwardly I was fine, inwardly though with my immediate family and friends I was not. Short temper, emotional abuse, lashing out, blaming others… These were all emotions that were heightened tremendously that affected those around me because I questioned my own worth despite not wanting to admit it.

Worst case this could have lead to the collapse of my relationship along with me imparting this thought process onto the children in my family. Fortunately I had become self aware of this in recent months and after doing Tony’s seminar it has now cemented my thoughts on this old belief system, in that your bank account doesn’t define you, who you are as a person is the most valuable trait a person can have.

This clarification on belief’s has already manifested itself positively in my life ten fold over in just a weeks time, that alone for me was the most valuable thing that I took away from Unleash The Power Within.

In closing if you are committed to becoming a better version of yourself and ultimately a better partner, parent, friend, businessman or woman I highly recommend you take this seminar, provided of course you are open minded and want to take complete control of your life!

Yours in health,

Daine McDonald

Founder Clean Health Fitness Institute and





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